CEO's greeting

The Pride of Korea's Engineering Technology - HANSUNG ENGINEERING CO.

Since its foundation in 1989, HANSUNG ENGINEERING CO.
has been leading company in the regional engineering section.
Its state of the art technology and outstanding
integrity has been acknowledged throughout the 2,000 public and private projects
including national regional & urban planning, urban development & site planning,
road plan, structural engineering, water supply and drainage,
water resources development, environmental engineering, disaster prevention,
transportation planning and construction supervision.

Hansung continues to make progress as a frontrunner in the construction and engineering
business based on these experiences. Aiming at a world class company in the 21C,
Hansung has actively invested in fostering talents and developing technologies,
enabling continued growth. In addition, it has spared no effort in opening up new
overseas markets with its accumulated know-how in the engineering field.
To gain the trust and love of clients, HANSUNG ENGINEERING CO.
will strive to take the lead in this industry
with its expertise and specialty based on 'User-Oriented Management'.

Thank you.