Basic design se..
Period :2014.05 ~2015.11
Basic and final..
Period :2013.06 ~2014.11
Final design se..
Period :2009.07 ~2011.08
Road expansion ..
Period :2006.03 ~2006.07
Road constructi..
Period :2005.12 ~2006.07
Project name Period Ordering organization
Alternative design service for national highway expansion work from Ungdong to Jangyu 2006.03 ~ 2006.07 -
Road expansion alternative design service between Ungdong and Jangyu 2006.03 ~ 2006.07 Ssangyong construction Inc.
Final design service for improvement of hazardous roads in national highway 5 including Jangmok district and 2 others. 2015.04 ~ 2016.04 Jinju construction and
management office
Basic design service between Sikman and Sasang road construction 2014.05 ~ 2015.11 Busan metropolitan city
Basic and final design service between Geoje west and east road construction 2013.06 ~ 2014.11 Geoje
Final design service for set up of a main road in Galsaman shipbuilding industrial complex 2011.10 ~ 2013.10 Gwangyang bay Free
economic zone
authority office
Final design service between east Gimhae and Sikman JCT broad road construction 2009.07 ~ 2011.08 Gimhae
Basic plan service (Lot No.7) for Hamyang to Ulsan highway (Hamyang to Miryang) 2006.12 ~ 2009.12 Korea Expressway
Road construction final design service between Sosa and Noksan 2005.12 ~ 2006.07 Ssangyong construction
Inc. Dongbu
construction Inc.
Road expansion for Samnak IC to Yangsan. Basic set up work and final design service for Deokcheon IC to Daecheon stream 2002.04 ~ 2004.11 Busan Metropolitan city
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